Cari amici e cari soci,

oggi vogliamo condividere con voi l’Annual Report 2018 della European Heart Network (EHN) di cui SIPREC fa parte. Condividiamo anche i progetti che SIPREC ha portato avanti nel 2018 per una migliore prevenzione cardiovascolare sul territorio, così come viene descritta nell’Annual Report dell’EHN:

  • In 2018, its strategy was mainly focused on promoting an integrated and multidisciplinary management of total CVD risk by working across disciplines with
  • — Several Italian scientific societies to draft a consensus paper on CVD prevention coordinated by SIPREC;
  • Workplace health professionals to encourage an increase in employers’ awareness, to make lifestyle changes and increase adherence to follow-up
    measures in the workplace;
  • Patient associations, particularly with Cittadinanza Attiva (active citizenship) and with the Italian Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Patients Group to promote awareness of FH among the general public, the media and politicians.
  • To improve the diagnosis of FH, it added the Dutch Lipid Clinic Network Score to its website;
  • Politicians at local and national level and at European level, by contacting Italian MEPs to facilitate their adhesion to the MEP Heart Group;
  • Bakers for a voluntary agreement with the objective of reducing salt by 15%;
  • Food industries to reduce the levels of industrial trans fatty acids in foodstuffs;
  • Caterers to replace the products in vending machines in schools and public offices with snacks and beverages low in fat, sugar and salt;
  • Pharmacist associations to increase the adherence to pharmacological treatment by their clients;
  • School teachers to work together on educating students (and their parents) on the principles of healthy eating and, more generally, of leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Moreover, SIPREC organised first aid courses in high schools;—— Agronomists to develop healthy novel foods; and Chefs of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (Piedmont), to train a new generation of chefs ready to combine good taste with good health.