SIPREC e EHN: articoli scientifici sui rischi e prevenzione cardiovascolare

SIPREC e EHN: articoli scientifici sui rischi e prevenzione cardiovascolare

Cari amici e soci di SIPREC,

oggi vogliamo condividere con voi due articoli scientifici su due progetti che SIPREC in associazione con l’EHN European Heart Network, ha portato avanti nel 2020-2021.

Di seguito gli abstract e i link agli articoli integrali.

Critical questions in cardiovascular risk: What nutrition labels should be used on food?

A non-healthy diet is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular diseases (CVD), while a healthy diet can reduce this risk. Because nutrition labelling (NL) can support an informed, aware, and healthier food purchase, it could be an important policy tool to fight obesity and the diet-related CVD. Beginning in 2011, pre-packaged foods sold in the
European Union must bear a nutrition declaration providing the product’s energy value and the amounts of fats, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and salt contained per 100 g (if the product is solid) or 100 ml (if it is liquid). Moreover, a logo, color coding, and key words in addition to mandatory nutritional information could constitute an immediate, easy-to-understand way to assist consumers in interpreting the nutritional composition of a food product and in distinguishing between products belonging to the same category.

Doctors, Teachers, Students, Film-Makers, and Journalists Allied in Cardiovascular Prevention

Poor eating habits are one of the main causes of the high prevalence of overweight and obesity in many European children. The project, aimed at encouraging and spreading
a healthier lifestyle amongst Italian and Slovenian high school students, was carried out with the Support of The Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention (SIPREC), the Slovenian Heart Foundation (SloHF), and the European Heart Network (EHN) and involved high schools and their staff. During the project, we organized seminars on healthy lifestyle for students, which were evaluated through a questionnaire on healthy lifestyle administered before and after the seminars. Moreover, nowadays since adolescents often use video and images to express themselves on social media, an important part of the project were the seminars by film-makers on how to make short videos. Participating students integrated their knowledge of healthy lifestyle (e.g. healthy nutrition, physical activity, not smoking) into making short videos which were evaluated by the national (Italian and Slovenian) juries. The results of the survey (a +57.8% improvement in the Italian students’ knowledge and a+15.0% improvement in the Slovenian students’ knowledge that was already quite high before the seminars), the high standard of the short films and the positive answers to the endline satisfaction survey indicate the good level of students’ education, and the effectiveness of the methods used. What is more, we believe that making short videos as a way of disseminating key messages on healthy lifestyle on social media amongst peers, is an innovative and effective approach when addressing young people, using a language and style that young people, from different countries, can easily understand and relate to. Therefore, in order to reach broader audience, the short films have been subtitled in English.

"Dottori e studenti, la prevenzione a 360°"- Ea(i)t

"Dottori e studenti, la prevenzione a 360°"- TELEFONATA A SORPRESA

"Dottori e studenti, la prevenzione a 360°"- TG 2a L

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